Account Management

Our account management service is ideal to expand your market and sell your products internationally via the internet. In Europe there is a significant amount of internet users, specially in Germany, Italy, Britain and France. You can best reach these potential customers over eBay and Amazon. Our account management service offers the following:


Creating an eBay or Amazon account

We set up a new account on eBay or Amazon for you. To do this, we need some of your business information (bank details, address, VAT, etc.).Once the account was created, you can start selling on your preferred platform.


Design and content of the item description

An appealing design and a correct and complete item description are important factors for a successful online trading. We support you with the creation of an own design and specify the needed information in an item description for successful sales.


Place products online

As soon as design and article description are created, we make sure that your products are placed correctly on the on the web. This is known as “lists” of products. Here we look after the appropriate category, the online activities of the competition, after auction or fixed price and the visibility of products.


External software for eBay

In many cases the use of external software offers an ideal solution to sell products quickly and in many countries. Such software enables a fast and clear sales process, simplifies the warehousing and provides current evaluations. Frieson will advise you on the appropriate software, install it for you and ensure the optimal use.



Any trader knows: To measure is to know! We regularly inform you about your sales in customized reports. This way you have an exact overview of your online activities and of the emerging trends.


Legislation on eBay and Amazon

Frieson checks if your account complies with all international standards on eBay and Amazon. We also keep track of changes in the rules and take care of necessary adjustments on your account.


Customers Service

We answer the questions of your eBay and/or Amazon customers. On working days each question is answered within 24 hours.