Frieson offers coaching for selling on eBay or Amazon. The trainings are aimed at companies that want to start selling on the internet and companies, that have already gained experience in the e-commerce and want to improve and optimize their online selling activities. In our training sessions you will receive insights into the processes of selling via eBay and Amazon. You will learn, which possibilities both web pages offer and how to use the selling channels efficiently. The content of the coaching sessions is individual and customized to the needs of your company.

General training content

Step by step we will explain how eBay and Amazon work. Here we will be dealing with the following questions among others:

How to create an account on eBay or Amazon?
How to optimize an already existing account?
How do the search functions work and why are they so important?
How does the feedback system work and which meaning does it have for the sellers?
How to start selling on eBay and Amazon?
Which are the country specific differences for online trading?
Which external software tools do exist, how do they work and which benefits do they bring?
What makes a seller be a successful seller? We show examples of successful sellers.

Optimizing today's activities

Frieson analyzes your short and long term sales opportunities. We show you how to use eBay and Amazon most efficiently. This is done on the basis of your sales numbers and sale expectations, the activities of your competition, the number of different products, the shipping options, the distribution channels, etc.

External software for eBay

In order to get the maximal benefits of eBay, the right software is essential. Together we analyze which software fits best to your sales process. eBay itself even offers additional sales tools such as the Sales Manager Pro and the Turbo Lister but there are also external tools like Afterbuy or Channel Advisor. Frieson trains your staff in the use of the tools and the external software. If wanted, we can also install the software for you.